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Give dance and music a try with this special event! Free classes and prizes for dancers and musicians ages 2.5-6!

To RSVP, click your class below.

Interested in joining a dance class? See below for our early childhood dance programs! Enrolling now until March 31st.

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Bopping Musical Babies

Ages 1.5-2.5

No experience necessary

A super fun caregiver and child class that explores live music, imagination, and play to enhance ear-training, motor skills, coordination, and listening skills. Tuition is billed on a monthly basis. No uniform requirement for this special class.

2.5-4 Year Olds

Leap 'n Learn

Ages 2.5-3

No experience necessary

Uses imaginative stories, songs, and activities to explore movement.  Improves sequential learning, listening skills, spatial awareness, and rhythm.  Utilizes age appropriate concepts and enhances gross motor skill development.  Children have fun with developing listening skills and socialization.  A wonderful introduction to movement for tots.  Class is performed in bare feet.  

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Preschool Dance

Ages 3-4

No Experience Necessary

Students learn the fundamental concepts of movement through games, songs, and guided activities. While practicing developmentally-appropriate skills and basic dance steps, students learn to recognize how their own bodies relate within a space, develop the connection between their brains and bodies, explore concepts of music and time, and memorize simple dance sequences. The beginning portion of the class is devoted to tap dance, and the remainder is performed in ballet shoes and incorporates a combination of ballet, movement concepts, spatial and auditory components, and free/interpretive movement. 

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Kindergarten Dance 

Ages 4.5-6

no experience necessary

Students learn anatomy, tap, ballet, and the fundamental concepts of movement and music through guided activities. Age and developmentally appropriate skills are practiced while students develop balance, coordination, and an awareness of their bodies in space. Students also learn to discern counts and types of music. The beginning portion of the class is dedicated to tap, while the remainder is performed in ballet shoes and incorporates a combination of ballet training, movement and musical concepts, dance sequences, and free/interpretive movement. 






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Private Music Lessons

Ages 4+Up

No experience necessary

piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, flute, voice

Weekly 30 minute lessons with private instruction. Learn how to play an instrument while developing musical skills in theory, ear training, technique, pedagogy, and gaining performance opportunities! Set up a free 15 minute music evaluation today.