Arts in Motion School of Dance & MUSIC

Innovative dance for kids

We teach dance and music to great families like yours so that your child can:
 Build meaningful friendships in a safe environment with experienced instructors
Develop self-confidence, creativity, and a positive self-image
Expand his or her sense of community, teamwork, and responsibility

Experience a lifetime of joy in dance, music, and the arts

We invite you to join the Arts in Motion family!

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Arts in Motion is a unique dance and music school where technique, artistry, and community come together. We work tirelessly to create a safe, genuinely supportive, and highly creative atmosphere where students of all ages and skill levels can discover or re-discover dance and music as a positive force. Classes at Arts in Motion are joyful, potent, diverse, and reflect each instructor's passion for their craft, for teaching children, and his or her individual artistic background.

Arts in Motion faculty members are highly experienced and professional.  Our instructors are life long learners who are extensively trained, college degreed and several are currently performing professionally or have professional experience.