Dance Classes at Arts in Motion

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Toddler Classes

Preschool Classes

Our specialty is dance for your "little one"!  You will love our playful, creative early childhood and preschool classes.

We are the founding studio of the Magnificent Movement™ curriculum and teaching method, which combines the highest standard of practices for teaching children ballet and modern technique, while simultaneously embracing creativity and individuality to provide a positive and fun environment.  This program reinforces the motor, social, and cognitive development that is already naturally occurring in children while encouraging spatial, auditory, and sequential learning.


Kindergarten Classes

Our creative, stimulating kids classes utilize only age-appropriate movement and music to combine principles of education and dance, combined with children's natural development patterns, to create an unforgettable and exciting movement class for children.  Children learn about concepts of space, pattern, anatomy, rhythm, while building sequential memory, balance, and coordination.


Elementary Classes

Our elementary dance classes are designed for students ages 6 & up of all skill levels.  The objective of these classes is to enrich the students while creating a fun, supportive learning environment in which to appreciate the art of dance and joy it provides.  Classes are free of intimidation and build self-confidence and body awareness.


Teens & Tweens Classes

Our teen and tween classes utilize the solid foundation established in the younger classes and give motivated, intermediate-to-advanced level students the opportunity for increased training and growth.  Classes challenge the students with more complex skills, concepts, and combinations, expanding their creativity, individuality, body awareness, stamina, and strength.  Choices include ballet, modern, jazz, pointe, choreography, variations, and more.  The wide array of dance classes is designed to cultivate technique and artistry while still increasing self confidence, expression, and critical thinking.

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