The concerts

Each year Arts in Motion produces a Winter and a Spring concert.  These concerts have all the professionalism and excitement of a traditional recital, but with a few key differences that our families love!

Our emphasis

We give our dancers the opportunity to perform for the sake of growth, development, teamwork, and, of course, one's personal enjoyment.  Dancers learn by watching other talented dancers and discover the fun of performing on a stage with lighting, music, and a full audience.  We provide a great performance venue, a structured yet exciting rehearsal and backstage experience, and above all we guide the students through the process of performance. 

Throughout the entire process, from preparation to performance, the emphasis is on the students' achievements rather than a single performance piece.  

Our core goal is to provide a great performance experience which still allows the students to love movement and be joyful and confident in their bodies!  All the while, providing a more positive, lower stress experience for both the students and the parents!

How our dance performances differ

Our dance performances have all of the anticipation and fun of a recital, but with a few key differences.  

  • There are no kids in makeup or performance hair styles.  We want your kids to look like KIDS!
  • There are no expensive costumes or recital fees.  Families save extra costs as students wear class uniforms and tights. 
  • You will see what is learned in class, reflected on stage - wholesome, artistic choreography based around class concepts and family-friendly music.
  • The time commitment to learning and rehearsing the performance piece is minimal.  We devote a small portion of class time preparing and require only a brief dress rehearsal in the theater.  Class time is still spent moving forward with skills and technique.

Each concert is followed by a more formal production, such as an Ensemble Concert.  These productions are more formal, full-length presentations of our AiMDance Ensemble and other Arts in Motion dancers.  The concerts feature a colorful assortment of unique dances while still echoing Arts in Motion's philosophy for providing an artistic, technical dance education.