Arts in Motion is a unique dance and music school where technique, artistry, and community come together. We have worked tirelessly since 1993 to create a safe, genuinely supportive, and highly creative atmosphere where students of all ages and skill levels can discover or re-discover dance and music as a positive force. Classes at Arts in Motion are joyful, potent, diverse, and reflect each instructor's passion for their craft, for teaching children, and his or her individual artistic background.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide an uplifting, artistic, non-competitive, and unparalleled dance and music education to every child. We find joy in helping every child appreciate their individual talents and gifts and happiness in the arts. The AiM approach is to incorporate a sense of joyfulness into every class, while helping children to learn from a clear, concise, and organized curriculum.  We strive to provide a meaningful and positive experience for every child while giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to become a musician or dancer, if they so choose. We develop joyful, intelligent, exceptional people who have an awesome love of the arts which lasts a lifetime! 

What We believe

The Arts in Motion philosophy is both complicated and simple. If you'd like the complicated version, give us a call (we LOVE to talk). But the simple one goes something like this: 


the arts should be thoughtful.

the arts should be uniting.

And, most of all, the arts should be fun.

And if it's not all these things, then it's not our kind of art.


Our school presents only age-appropriate activities, movement, and music, giving your child the highest standard of instruction possible.  Professional, experienced teachers who are also seasoned performers in their craft provide potent instruction, adult leadership, and a solid foundation for learning.  

For dance students, there are no costumes, no competitions, and no little ones in makeup, but instead, twice-yearly class showings on stage which demonstrate accomplishments.  Increased optional performance opportunities in our Ensemble Program become available as the students reach age 6 and develop an interest in taking more classes, learning choreography, and performing throughout the community.

Music students have optional recital opportunities in our studio and in the theater during our dance concerts.  These are informal in nature and designed to celebrate accomplishments and share with family and friends.